A Coaching Container for the Modern Mother

You’re trying your best to maintain a full-time career, love a full-time family and not have a full-time meltdown in between. You constantly wonder how one woman can do it all and survive with a sense of self.

That’s why we’re here.

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When a Child is Born, so is a Mother

Two births have happened, yet our culture’s eye is trained to only acknowledge and see one as the big event. This leaves women to navigate through not only a rapidly shifting physical self, but an entirely new psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual state. She has changed into a new human to adapt to her new role, but with little to no support.

We’re changing that.

Our focus on The Motherhood Identity Shift™ offers every mother the acknowledgement, support and guidance needed to not only understand these significant shifts, but thrive through them.

Our Signature Coaching Program is a transformative journey through the evolving identities every mother faces.

Our Coaching is for Every Mom who:

Fears losing themselves in the balance of full-time career and full-time family.
Can’t shake the frazzled mom narrative or superhero pressure to be everything to everyone.
Feels alone behind-the-scenes.
Wonders if their best years are behind them.
Needs to feel grounded in their decisions, but can’t ditch “mom brain.”
Struggles to see how they’ll accomplish both their goals at home and at work.
Wants to feel prepared for the next season, but feels anxious and out of control.
Can’t imagine how to “do it all” in a perpetual state of burnout.
Desires to not just go back to work, but ladder up when they do.
Dreads going back to work and doesn’t know how they’ll manage.
Doesn’t feel 100% present in any area of life.
Longs to feel like their true selves again.

We’re Right There With You

We’ve transitioned from working woman to working mother a few times, and we’ve needed every bit of expert help to get to where we are and lead other women along the same path. It’s exactly why we created The Debut Collective, a gathering of career-minded mothers thriving both personally and professionally, while feeling like themselves as they do it.

With The Signature Coaching Program, You Will:

Be in charge of your own evolution, however that looks for you.

Develop practices that strengthen your self-connection and self-care.

Take control of your story and quiet the cultural rhetoric.

Make progress on both your personal and professional goals.

Make impactful decisions from a centered place.

Come home to your true self as you continually evolve.

Build an on-ramp for your return to work.

See your career as an ascension that isn’t sacrificed because of motherhood.

Create real connection and community.

Not only feel ready to go back to work, but be excited about it.

Your Membership Includes:


  • Three 60-minute coaching calls per month.
  • Quarterly 60-minute workshop taught by one of the experts in our Collective.


  • A full range of bite-sized and self-paced audio, video and workbook resources.
  • Digestible lessons designed for personal and professional development.


  • A community of women gathering on a secure, all-in-one professional platform.
  • An intentional space to create more focus, deeper connections and greater intimacy.


  • Executive Coaching rooted in principles from the International Coaching Federation to support you in reaching your personal and professional potential.
  • Master Coaching in Neurolinguistic Programming to help you understand how you relate to yourself and the world around you.
  • Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional Designation to advance EDI and promote actionable change.

We Meet You Where You’re At

The Signature Coaching Program focuses on three identity shifts every working mother experiences and lets you choose which container fits you best depending on the season you’re in.

YOUR DEBUT (Group Coaching)

Let’s prepare you for a confident and grounded return to work.


We’ll welcome all that comes with this precious, yet chaotic newborn season, while building a strong on-ramp back to the working world.

1:1 COACHING (6-hours of Executive Coaching and mentorship)

Together with the Coach of your choice, we’ll navigate your specific challenges so you can manage change and establish a strong personal and professional foundation for success.

Program Lessons Include:

Uncovering the Uncomfortable: Let’s Talk About Unconscious Bias.
Setting Expectations: How Attitude is the Driver’s Seat of Action.
Mastering Energy: Balance, Vibration and Laddering Up to Our Best Selves.
The North Star: How to Define and Align Your Values.
Perfectionism, Comparison, Shame and Guilt: The 4 Horsemen of the Emotional Apocalypse
Incremental Action: How Conscious Habits Create a New Reality.
Boundaries: The Beauty of Owning Your Yes’s and No’s.
Shape-Shifter: Recognizing and Respecting the Miracle of Your Changing Body.
Maternal Gatekeeping: The Path to Letting Go and Leading Well.
Limiting Beliefs: Breaking Cycles and Reprogramming Your Mind.
Self-Image: What You See Inside is What You Get Outside.
Leading With Empathy: How to Embody a Leader Who Listens.

You’re Not Expected to Change This Alone.

For decades, working mothers have faced parental bias, overt judgment, societal pressure and a flashing off-ramp most are forced to take when they enter into motherhood. Not anymore. This is a two-way street, a partnership between you and your co-workers, leaders and company, so that you and all mothers have a mutually-built on-ramp between their roles. This is about everyone getting on-board to support mothers in a collective context, long-term.

We’ve created a letter of recommendation to pass onto your leader or HR department so our Executive Coaching can be considered for your own personal development or as a company-wide offering.

Membership Options


6-hours of Executive Coaching (Individual)

(Two payments of $535)
All taxes included.

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3 Months (Group Coaching)

(Two payments of $545)
All taxes included.

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6 Months (Group Coaching)

(Two payments of $1,098)
All taxes included.

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Lifetime access to 11 lessons: Define success for You. Go at your own pace and connect to your evolving self, so you can build the family and career of your dreams.

(One payment plus applicable taxes)


Stepping into the Light: A Guided Meditation to Shift Mom Guilt

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, the cloud of ‘mom guilt’ can feel impossible to beat. In this 10-minute meditation, we’ll help you release the pressure of being pulled in all directions by guiding you through a restorative reset to help soften mom guilt.

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Privacy & Security

Your Story is Safe Here

Whether you’re incredibly open or more reserved, your story is something we take very seriously. Every measure has been taken to safeguard and protect your information on a secure platform alongside an extensive Privacy Policy you can read in full and in detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the time commitment for The Signature Coaching Program?

    As mothers ourselves, our top priority is designing an accessible program that doesn’t feel like one more thing on your to-do list. The entire program is self-directed and on-demand, so you can go completely at your own pace. If you miss a coaching call, you have 24/7 online access in our secure community platform to ask any questions, raise concerns or receive any feedback from our coaches.

  • How do I know The Debut Co. is a good fit for what I need?

    Book a free 30-minute call with us and we’d be more than happy to discuss fit, get to know each other and answer any questions you have about joining The Signature Coaching Program. We’re all about making aligned decisions over everything else.

  • What can I expect to change after the program?

    Each individual will get unique outcomes based on their needs and goals, as well as their stage of motherhood. That said, the majority of mothers who have worked with us typically gain confidence, clarity and learn useful tools to avoid overwhelm and burnout. You can read what happy clients have to say here.

  • Can you help me bring The Signature Coaching Program into my company?

    Yes! We’ve already drafted a letter of recommendation to pass onto your HR department so our coaching can be considered as a wider company offering covered by benefits or as a part of your  learning and development.

  • Who are you referring to when you say “mothers”?

    The Signature Coaching Program includes all mothers: birthing and non-birthing, biological and step-parents, adoptive and prospective. The path to parenthood is very individual and we welcome all expressions of it.

  • Do you welcome LGBTQ+ parents as a part of your program?

    Absolutely. Our program is an inclusive space to champion and support all mothers and families. Our Collective of advisors and experts also provides additional lived experience to support you on your journey.

  • Do you offer medical advice?

    No. We adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Ethical Guidelines standards that clearly set coaching apart from counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment or other professional advice by legal, medical or other qualified professionals.

  • Can I do this coaching with my partner?

    Our coaching container is primarily designed for mothers going through the Motherhood Identity Shift™, but our resources and materials continually factor in your partner as they play a big role in your success! Through conversational prompts and specific tools used during the program, your partner will be engaged in the process with you even though they’re not joining us for calls and workshops.

Still Have Questions?

We’re all about making aligned decisions over everything else. This has to be right for you, so book a free 30-minute call with us and we’ll walk you through whatever you need to make the best choice.