Don’t just talk about the future of work. Create it.

You strive to be a magnet for top talent as an employer of choice, but you need the resources, leadership and tools to help get you there and stay there. As expert coaches in the diversity and equity space, we customize your wish list into practical steps and actionable programs so you aren’t catching up, but leading the way.

That’s why we’re here.


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Mothers are plateauing, downshifting or leaving the workforce while companies lose talent, time and money.

Everyone needs a better future than this.

We help companies advance gender equity in the workplace with programs that blend EDI strategy, education and coaching to support working mothers, parents and leaders.


Women who become mothers at some point in their career.

Reshma Saujani, author of Pay Up 2022

People who have left a job because their manager wasn’t empathetic to their personal life.

EY 2021

Companies in the UK, US, and Canada with 50% or more female executives and directors showed greater long-term growth.

Equileap Global Report 2023

No One is Expected to Change This Alone.

For decades, working mothers have faced parental bias, overt judgment, societal pressure and a flashing off-ramp most are forced to take when they enter into motherhood. Not anymore.

Beyond the policies and systems, corporate culture needs a refresh. For mothers to lead at work, Dads need to feel like they can lead at home.

This is a two-way street, a partnership between individuals and companies, so that all mothers have a mutually-built on-ramp between their roles. This is about everyone getting on-board to support mothers in a collective context, long-term.

Parental Bias Workshops for Companies

A customized company offering to build empathetic skills, learn tools to champion equity so parents can be seen, included and valued through whole-person leadership practices.

The Signature Coaching Program for Mothers

A coaching container for the modern mother who wants to be fully supported in returning to work understanding their shifting roles, leveraging their leadership and building a stable path forward.

6-Week Working Parents Leadership Intensive

A 6-week program for parents at any stage who want to be supported as they redefine family and career success, while building a sustainable path forward.

Calibrating Career & Parenthood

Work-life balance is a myth. Trying to fulfill it can lead to overwhelm and burn out. In this workshop, participants will learn how to calibrate work-life by tapping into their values.

Tap into the Parenthood Advantage

Our Programs and Workshops Are For Any Company Who:

Wants to attract and retain high-performing women and mothers.
Aims to implement people-forward initiatives, but lacks the in-house resources to manage them.
Needs a concrete solution to meet equity and diversity targets.
Feels unequipped to solve a complex problem decades in the making.
Knows their lack of reintegration support is costing money, time and talent.
Feels unable to keep up with the shifting landscape of the future of work.
Wants to start exemplifying whole-person leadership, but needs support.
Doesn’t know how to address parental bias in company culture.
Fears being left behind and risking their reputation as an equal opportunity employer.
Strives to have more women in leadership, but can’t seem to actualize it.

Meet Your Coaches

As Certified Coaches, EDI and Communication Experts, we’ve spent our careers advising and guiding transformational change and innovative ideas that brings workplace equity to the forefront of global companies, leaders and teams.

With Our Workshops and Signature Coaching Program, You Will:

Gain a deeper understanding of the value proposition of the motherhood experience.

Create company culture that is quantifiably inclusive in practice, example and action.

Be a magnet for high-performing women before and after they become mothers.

Receive customized solutions for your company's specific needs and goals.

Offer targeted and innovative tools for parents that empower transitions that work.

Build a solid foundation to not just get caught up, but lead in the gender diversity space.

Learn how to productively tighten the talent pipeline for women at all levels.

See unconscious bias in a constructive light that illuminates the way forward without shame.

Emerge with compassionate communication skills to champion parents.

Take control and increase engagement and return-to-work success.

Our Workshops Include:


  • 1-hour Parental Bias workshop, in-person or virtual, for an unlimited number of employees.
  • 1-hour Working Parents workshop, in-person or virtual, ideal for ERGs.
  • 3.5-hour People Leader workshops, in-person or virtual for us to 20 employees.


  • Guidance through scenario training, executive coaching and at-work strategies.
  • Manage unconscious parental bias and develop tools to create more inclusive teams.


  • Executive Coaching rooted in principals from the International Coaching Federation to support you in reaching your personal and professional potential.
  • Master Coaching in Neurolinguistic Programming to help you understand how you relate to yourself and the world around you.
  • Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional Designation to advance EDI and promote actionable change.

We Include and Expand on What You’re Already Doing

Our Workshops focus on the three key components every leading company needs to have their eye on, make improvements in and start changing to see the best from everyone.



We’ll explore parental unconscious bias and The Motherhood Identity ShiftTM and how they both implicitly and explicitly impact all parents, both inside and outside the workplace.



The leaders of the future are highly empathetic and set an example of how the whole-person approach to leading companies, teams and individuals influences mothers, families and communities.



Using three practical tools, we’ll set the foundation for both the landscape and leadership shifts needed in every organization.

Our Signature Coaching Program is a transformative journey through the evolving identities every mother faces.

We support mothers through their complete parental journey, from a strong foundation of self during pregnancy to the tender newborn session and onto an intentional and successful return to work.

Program Lessons Include:

Uncovering the Uncomfortable: Let’s Talk About Unconscious Bias.
Setting Expectations: How Attitude is the Driver’s Seat of Action.
Mastering Energy: Balance, Vibration and Laddering Up to Our Best Selves.
The North Star: How to Define and Align Your Values.
Perfectionism, Comparison, Shame and Guilt: The 4 Horsemen of the Emotional Apocalypse.
Incremental Action: How Conscious Habits Create a New Reality.
Boundaries: The Beauty of Owning Your Yes’s and No’s.
Shape-Shifter: Recognizing and Respecting the Miracle of Your Changing Body.
Maternal Gatekeeping: The Path to Letting Go and Leading Well.
Limiting Beliefs: Breaking Cycles and Reprogramming Your Mind.
Self-Image: What You See Inside is What You Get Outside.
Leading With Empathy: How to Embody a Leader Who Listens.

Happy Clients

The Debut Co. is proud to serve some of Canada’s largest publicly traded companies as they fulfill their equity, diversity and inclusion goals.


Your Privacy is Our Priority

We ensure the highest level of privacy, security and confidentiality in our programs. Every measure has been set in place to safeguard and protect all client information on a secure platform. For more, please refer to our full Privacy Policy in detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have an existing in-house program and/or benefit for mothers, so how would working with you complement what we already have?

    Our workshops and coaching are tailored to slide right alongside what you’re already doing. We expand upon what exists to create more engagement, generate more leadership skills, build more confidence and inspire more connection between mothers and employers. We also solve common perk pitfalls (more time off is great, but it’s not fixing the problem) with tools proven to work. By nature of being an independent third party, we also give employees a safe space to be vulnerable and, oftentimes, be more open about what they’re going through than they otherwise might have been. This is hugely beneficial to you to create change your employees actually need. It cuts out the inefficient guesswork and gives you a leg up to move in a better direction faster.

  • What if I have more than 20 employees who want to attend the workshops?

    We created a numbers cap for our in-person sessions because of the nature of the content. Empathetic leadership requires vulnerability, so greater numbers lessens the chance that people will share openly and honestly. We also facilitate smaller breakout groups throughout the workshops, so having more groups isn’t conducive to a timely and impactful experience.

  • How do we gauge our capacity to manage this program internally?

    Our workshops and coaching are created to complement your company resourcing. We’ve geared our offerings towards a high or low touch based on what you need and what your goals are. Our support encompasses both internal and external communications alongside KPI development and reporting.

  • How are we measuring the desired outcomes and who is in charge of calculating them?

    We don’t bring in anything boilerplate. Our workshops and coaching are tailored to you and for your employees so that your goals and impact are at the forefront of change while laddering up to the vision of the company and its future. Our in-house KPI and reporting is a mandatory and significant component to any package we offer our clients.

  • How do we know this is worth the investment?

    An investment in working mothers isn’t a risky investment. It’s risky not to, and we know what happens when companies don’t. While this is a turn-key solution guaranteed to improve your bottom line now and in the future, it’s about more than time spent or money paid. This is about making a difference to moms struggling in your workplace. Our workshops and coaching are the solution to a long-term change that underpins everything from equity to diversity, profit to employability now and in the future. To be a leader is to inherently take on risk, and we believe moms are worth the investment a hundred times over.

  • How can we be sure your approach fits in with the culture of our company?

    Book a free 30-minute call with us and we’d be more than happy to address any questions about fit, hear more about where you’re at and what the cultural goals of the company are now and in the future. At the end of the day, we exist to enrich culture and bring out the best in what companies are capable of through every area of our work.

  • Where are we going to find the time to not only do the workshops, but implement everything?

    We understand that training in new methodologies and changing company culture isn’t an overnight job. It can be hard to squeeze in, but the initial commitment exponentially saves everyone’s time and energy in the future. The People Leader workshops are designed as integrated learning tools that apply to real life workplace scenarios to help ease communication and create trust contributing to your workplace culture and your bottom line.

Some Questions Are Better One-on-One.

Book a free 30-minute call with us whenever it works for you. Bring your questions and we’ll bring our best!