Your Debut: an interview series with working moms

July 4, 20243 Min Read


Name: Julia Rose

Company and position: Canadian Tire Corp., Brand Communications Manager

Age of child: 10 months (1 year on August 25, 2024)

Q: At The Debut Co, we acknowledge the importance of the Motherhood Identity Shift – how we change as we move from working woman, to mother and then working mother. What has this evolution looked like for you?

A: Looking back to the time before I became a mother, it’s easy to see just how blissfully unaware I was of the demands and invisible labour that comes with motherhood. I knew becoming a mom would come with a shift — a new skill set to learn, growing list of things to do and competing priorities but I didn’t fully comprehend the what and the how it would change my life personally and professionally.  

I see life differently now. My priorities have shifted. My values have evolved. I have new boundaries. Because of this experience, I not only feel confident that I will bring my best self to my upcoming role as working mother but that I will also, and should, celebrate all the ways motherhood has changed me for the better.  

Q: What challenges have you faced as a new mom and how have you overcome them?   

A: Throughout my life, whether personally or professionally, I’ve always been a confident person, but not necessarily a patient one. I’ve had drive, a clear vision of what I wanted, and the confidence to get it all done.  

When I became a mother, that all changed. I felt unsure of myself. I didn’t have that natural intuition or infectiously positive outlook that I kept seeing on my social feeds. I didn’t recognize myself and that was really hard for me to say out loud and accept. I didn’t want to come across as ungrateful or unhappy. 

I had to take a moment to grieve my old life while simultaneously learning to be kind and patient with myself in this new life. And I won’t lie, that was and still is hard. But now I have the tools to question the thoughts in my mind and be more aware of “is this fact or is this fiction”. I’m able to cultivate a headspace of progress over perfection in all areas of my life now. 

Q: What practical advice can you share with other moms to avoid burnout, and to balance work and home life?   

A: I’ve always believed in the power of community, but this could not be more true when it comes to motherhood. I’ve learned that it feels like a lot for one person, because it was never meant to be for one person. It was meant for a village. Build your village however you can and communicate, communicate, communicate when and how you need support. 

It’s also been said countless times, but comparison truly is the thief of joy. When you stop scrolling and endlessly researching, you’re able to soak in the everyday magic and take a breather to remind yourself that you are enough and you are doing enough.  

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